General Carpentry


A Fully Qualified Carpenter

The owner of CRC is not only a registered builder but started in the trade as a carpenter and is fully qualified.  This means CRC cover all aspects of carpentry work as well as full building projects.  No job is too small or too big so please give us a call.  Below are some of the general carpentry services we offer but really if it’s timber we can create or fix it.

Framing and Cladding

CRC installs framing and cladding efficiently and professionally. Pest control is an important factor to consider at the framing stage of a building project and can be overlooked by some builders. CRC will make sure your framing is done correctly.

Retaining Walls  

We ensure the appropriate type of retaining wall and suitable drainage systems are considered with every job. The use of drainage gravel, plastic and aggie pipe for water management along with other high quality materials ensure CRC ‘s retaining walls are ready for all weather.


to suit every space inside and out.
All of our stair installations conform to the BCA code and appropriate Australian Standards.

Timber Flooring

Nothing adds more to the feel of an interior space than polished timber flooring. The correct installation of timber flooring is essential to get that perfect finish that lasts. The three key factors include timber acclimatisation, surface preparation and the inclusion of expansion joints. CRC ensures these elements are tailored to each individual timber floor project to get that perfect finish.

Roof Trusses

The correct choice and installation of roof trusses plus roofing materials is vital to correctly direct the load of the structure through the supporting foundations.


From simple bedroom doors or windows to stylish bi-folds, french or front-entry doors CRC will get the job done. We perform one off installations for small jobs all the way through to complete home or commercial fit outs.

Rot & Termite Repairs

Dealing with termite and rot damage can be stressful and costly experience for any homeowner.  CRC understands this and will work in consultation with your exterminators to restore your home. Where appropriate CRC will seek engineering advice to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your home is the foremost consideration.  Secondary to this will be appropriate recommendations for repair to mitigate the possibility of further damage.

Fascia Repairs

It could be rot , termites,  weather or time that have damaged your Fascia but it can often be something that really refreshes the house.  We can look at repairing or replacing completely.  See below for the before and after to see what it can do.